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Introduction to Data Security Consultancy

Data Eliminate has considerable experience of working in high security environments with private and public sector customers for whom data security is of paramount importance.

In such situations, successful projects require a data security approach which enables the customer organisation to function efficiently,  security to be maintained at appropriate levels and in-built  flexibility to enable agile responses to changing circumstances and events.

Data Eliminate brings to bear its extensive knowledge of appropriate information security standards and protocols, the ability to apply these creatively to a given situation and the communications skills to  present a security strategy in ways that can be understood by individuals at all levels within an organisation.

Data Eliminate’s consultants are all information security professional eg. Fellows of the British Computer Society or Full Members of the Institute of Information Security Professionals.

Data Eliminate’s data security consultancy services cover two main areas:

  • Strategy and Planning for the Disposal of Sensitive Assets. As well as standard information technology assets such as servers, hard drives and mobile phones, this can include electronic equipment used by law enforcement agencies and the military.
  • Guidance on the design and implementation of an information security management system based on ISO 27001 for project leaders and senior executives.

All of Data Eliminate’s data security consultancy services are approved by, and available from, HM Government’s Crown Commercial Service.