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Disintegration and Shredding of Hard Drives down to 6mm.


Military Grade Formerly SEAP 8100/8200 Approved. All services available via the GPS.

Data Destruction Services

One-Off Jobs & Annual Contracts for Destruction & Disposal

One-Off Jobs and Annual Destruction Contracts are both available. Annual Service Contract Customers enjoy additional benefits such as secure containers for media storage prior to destruction and revenue share on any WEEE has a viable resale value after refubishment.

All data destruction services are provided at three security grades which offer different sets of features. Our most popular service is our HMG / Corporate Grade. It is approved by HM Government and the MOD for nearly all private sector and most public sector applications.

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On-site and Off Site Data Destruction

All our services are available either at your premises or at our secure facility with the exception of our SME Grade which is available as a collection service only.

Our HMG/Corporate Service is our most popular and is available at your premises, by collection for destruction at our secure facility or by appointment in person at our Central London Destruction Centre. On Site Data Destruction provides the reassurance of having sensitive data destroyed in the security of your own premises.

Off Site Data Destruction is prompt and easy to arrange.

Destruction Methods

Secure Disposal of Sensitive Assets

We will dispose of anything from a single hard drive to parts of military aircraft which contain sensitive electronics .

We have the capability to establish a mobile destruction service at any location, record details of assets, decommission them, destroy data bearing component and recycling or dispose of non-data bearing items.

For more information see our High Security Destruction and Disposal Brochure.

hard drive disposal

Central London Walk-In Destruction Centre

Our HM Government Approved Destruction Centre in London Zone 1 and is on the doorstep of The City of London, West End and Whitehall.

If you need to witness the destruction of data and get rid of it fast then call us now!

Same day or next day appointments are regularly available.

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Unfortunately, as confidential data becomes vulnerable when end-of-life computers containing data are finish with. Data Eliminate Ltd inventory cataloguing processes provides peace of mind, accountability and assurance that your company’s data protection remains intact. We will ensure that all data bearing items are processed before destroying.

Permanent Destruction or Overwriting/Erasure

Under our HMG Corporate and Military Grade services customers can choose a method of permanent destruction – degaussing, crushing and/or shredding. For very sensitive information more than one of these methods may be advisable. Eg degaussing followed by shredding. Media which has been crushed, shredded or degaussed cannot be used again.

If you wish to use hard drives or mobile phones once more after data has been removed, then our erasure and overwriting services will be the most appropriate..

Confidential Paper Shredding

Our paper shredding service can either be carried out on or off site and on a one-off or scheduled basis at a pre-determined timePaper Shredding.

Operations are conducted in line with BS8470 to give you confidence that your sensitive documents will be completely destroyed.

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Secure Destruction of Computer Media

The biggest external threat to any company’s operational capability is if unauthorised third parties gain access to sensitive data or if such data falls into their control.

Many organisations are aware of this. Many have made plans to safeguard their sensitive data with firewalls (of both hard and soft varieties) to counter against computer hackers. Appropriate security systems can protect the premises in which the confidential information is kept. The opportunity for employees to take data away can be diminished by the blocking of electronic messages (e-mails) and the removal of computer storage media such as back up tapes, hard disks, CDs and floppy disks.

The disposal of computers, hard disks, PCs, old servers and even printers is where the most unguarded risk lies. The risk exists when one is getting rid of anything that may contain confidential data. Personal information must be destroyed under secure conditions as stipulated by the data destruction act Regulations 1998. The duties of organisations relating to sensitive data have become stricter.

Provision of Bins

Passport Destruction and Documents

Many organisations have systems whereby special bins are provided. Those who believe that this is sufficient ( and who are not checking that sensitive data is appropriately destroyed at some point in the future) are not doing enough.

A person who suffers emotional or financial harm because of a breach by the data controller can seek compensation for that harm. Breaking the Data

Computer Media

Data Eliminate will collect the hard drives and computer media for processing from your premised at an agreed time using secure carriers or our own vehicles. The items will be taken to our premises for processing.

On arrival, the shipment will be checked-in and we will contact you to confirm details so that you can be sure everything is complete.

The items will be kept in a secure area until such time as we have verified your instructions. Once we have your approval, your data is guaranteed to be erased beyond known means of recovery and in line with appropriate CESG standards.

When the job is done, we will issue certificates of recycling and of destruction, ensuring you have met your duties under the Data Protection Act. We will dispose of computer disks, tapes and other storage media in line with the WEEE Directive.

For further information on our data destruction service, please call 0345-1234-400 or complete our enquiry form.

For brief details see our postcard flyer on Government Certified Secure Hard Drive Destruction.

Secure It Recycling

Some of the types of documents which full under the Data Destruction Act 1998 include correspondence or other documents which reveal the contact details or any financial details of a named living person, unless permission has been given to circulate the details.

These can include Employee or HR Records, Disciplinary records, Maternity/Paternity pay records, Tax and National Insurance forms, Legal Contracts and Tenders for Contracts. In fact, it includes any material which Stamford University Destruction advises could be covered by intellectual property rights. Best Data Destruction Tips and Sources.

At Data Eliminate, we assist you in complying with the Data Destruction Act via our services. Whether you are taking advantage of our CESG Approved Service for Hard Drives and Storage Media service (which includes WEEE recycling as option) or have opted for our other hard disk and data tape destruction services to process and responsibly dispose of redundant data bearing media, our services have audit trails and are fully compliant.

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