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Asset Disposal  Services

Data Eliminate specialises in providing secure decommissioning and disposal services or any type of asset which contains, holds or displays sensitive information.

adsMany of our customers are from the Aerospace, Space, Defence and Security industries and Data Eliminate is an active member of ADS.

Below are some examples of how our services are deployed and used:

Industry Sector Application
Aerospace Destruction of aircraft parts which are defective, out of date or longer required
Radio Communications Destruction of radios from military or police vehicles.
Crime Destruction of illegal items such as offensive weapons or merchandise seized at borders and customers
Gambling/Casinos Shredding of Gambling Chips
Military Weapons Removal and destruction of sensitive electronic components such as guidance systems
Security & Guarding Shredding of identity cards, uniforms
Surveillance Equipment Secure Decommissioning of surveillance equipment as well as data recorded

The company owns a range of specialist destruction equipment which can be deployed on to customer sites both nationally and, in most cases, internationally.

We also have a highly tuned management capability and mobile information systems enabling us to set up workflows and procedures at a customer site in challenging conditions to ensure that each asset is correctly recorded, data bearing components are identified, destroyed and that waste items are appropriately recycled. This includes the provision of engineers and operatives with appropriate security clearances.

If you would like to dispose old computers and any IT Equipment that are gathering dust and taking up space, contact Data Eliminate Ltd today or use our free online quote estimate to see how much your computer recycling will cost. Simply select the quantities of assets you wish to recycle or dispose of, enter your details and you will receive a reasonably priced quote.

Benefits of Confidential Shredding with Data Eliminate Ltd

As well as being a legal requirement, confidential data shredding has a number of benefits for your clients and yourself and choosing Data Eliminate can be particularly useful.

  • Services to suit you – as mentioned you can choose from on-site or off-site secure disposal of your confidential waste – services are designed around your needs.
  • All waste recycled – at Data Eliminate, every bit of your confidential waste is recycled.
  • Prevent identity theft – identity theft is increasing so it is essential to dispose of all confidential waste in London and beyond, to protect your clients and yourself.

If you are based in the city or surrounding area and require secure disposal of your confidential waste, contact Data Eliminate today. For professional Data shredding in London, and surrounding areas we are the people to call.

Whether your establishment, organisation or business is large or small, our-fully certified service will prove to be convenient, cost-effective and environmentally compliant.

A tailored solution will by proposed for such applications.  These tailored solutions will be broadly based on our Three Standard Grades of Security.

We will offer consultancy and guidance on how to comply with applicable security and environmental disposal standards.