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Thumb drives, hard disk drives, mobile phones, videos, compact discs, and tapes all can hold sensitive data which can still be accessed the arms at the end of the life of the asset.
Data Eliminate deploy mobile shredding units, data wiping software certified by the CESG and degaussing equipment approved by CESG to destroy and shred computer media containing confidential information. Ultimate reassurance is provided to the customer by this service which is used when mobile devices and other storage media require secure recycling.

Sanitisation of data – off site and on site.  Purpose-built data erasure vehicles are used to shred and destroy computer media. This includes hard disks, videotapes, S DLT tapes, DVDs and mobile phones which can all be recycled and securely decommissioned.

The National Association of Information Destruction and Aerospace Defence and Security are both organisations of which Data Eliminate is a member.  These are trained bodies which specialise in the security of data and support companies providing services to the UK police defence and security services. Quality control and security is assured by Data Eliminate’s management systems which incorporate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.

CESG approved HDD Wiping – Data Eliminate offers wiping services which are carried out on your hard drives by our skilled engineers using two different types of software – Kroll On Track and Tabernus.  Software overwriting forms part of our destruction and shredding service portfolio.
In Tabernus and Kroll, we use two of the best products for hard disk erasure on the market. Data overwriting is economic, secure and quick with this software. Tabernus and Kroll can be used on both Windows and Linux operating systems and are suitable for use on computer networks or individual PCs.
Details and information of The equipment and hard disks wiped are provided as part of a report. Kroll Ontrack eraser and Tabernus are certified to the CESG info sec no5 lower and higher level.

CESG Approved Degaussing – shredding and degaussing are both forms of physical data destruction. Degaussing makes the magnetic data storage mechanism on hard drives permanently unable to operate. This is done without physical damage to the casing of the hard drive. All our degaussers are operated by security vetted operatives and our CESG approved.

Degaussers typically produce a magnetic field of 18,500 Gauss. The degausser erases media of their data very rapidly. The electromagnetic pulse produced by the degausser overwhelms the variable oersted levels of various magnetic storage media. This ensures complete destruction of data on the device.
The Verity degausser is a certified and approved by CESG under the CCTM certification scheme.

Protection, Privacy and Security for Data

Tape and Hard drive destruction. Backup Tapes, Compact Disks and CDs.

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Offsite destruction services. 
Hard drive degaussing and CESG approved Hard drive shreddingCESG approved data wiping services. All available with audit trail reports.

Hard Disk destruction, CESG approved onsite shredding, mobile degaussing and HDD Erasure