A Hammer is Not Enough to Securely Destroy Your iPad & iPhone

iPad, iPhone and tablet devices are now part and parcel for most businesses. The forecast is that there will be over 18 million iPads in the UK by 2019…next year. What happens when the devices are old or do not function anymore? Taking a hammer or just throwing the devices away is wrong on many levels & also illegal! These devices are sealed and the lithium batteries could be toxic if you attempt to destroy them and are not possible to separate out the hazardous items without specialist tools.

To safely dispose and destroy your iDevices, we at Data Eliminate can promise to not only shred your devices (at your offices or we can collect and shred them at our secure location) so your data is not compromised, we also remove the electronic waste from company’s offices in line with the WEEE regulations.

In addition, if you have a selection of iDevices that need to be refurbished to be reused or sold that allows our customers to recover monetary value.  These types of assets are often refreshed on a more regular basis than hard drives and present worthwhile opportunities.

In addition to this service, we also offer our mobile device refurbishment service to enable our customers to recover monetary value from the reuse or redeployment of iPad, iPhone devices, tablets and other smart phones.

To look at our iDevice destruction and refurbishment process in detail – CLICK HERE