Aerospace Parts and Components Mutilation Service To
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Standards

Obsolete and end-of-life aerospace parts and components which are mishandled represent a significant risk to human life and the reputations of the companies and engineers who manufacture, sell, install and maintain them.  Faulty or out of date parts can be central causes of air incidents and disasters – as well as the subject of damaging negative coverage in the media.

When they reach end of life or they become faulty, aerospace parts and components must be put beyond use in order to prevent them being redeployed or sold as counterfeits.

Destruction or mutilation can be difficult to achieve as the parts come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed for longevity and durability. Proper monitoring and certification of the process is essential.

Data Eliminate Ltd is pleased to present a solution to this challenging issue.  Data Eliminate has recently expanded its service portfolio into the secure destruction of end of life or decommissioned aerospace parts and components.

In providing this new service, the company is building upon its expertise as a supplier of secure destruction services of electronic assets – having been accredited by the Ministry of Defence since 2009, and by the Security Services (CPNI) since 2011.  This has included the destruction of military equipment including ‘ITAR’ (USA manufactured and exported) assets.

Data Eliminate’s Aerospace Parts and Components Mutilation Service is specifically designed to ensure small and medium sized aerospace assets cannot be re-used.  It is designed to be compliant with the Mutilation Of Assets EASA AMC M.A.504 (d) (2) Control of Unserviceable Components.

An example of an aircraft part/component before and after destruction/mutilation can be seen below:

Aerospace_Component_Before_DestructionAircraft_Part_ After_Destruction