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My Computer No Longer Works – What Now?!

If you are getting rid of an old PC or laptop, you should either remove the hard drive or destroy it to protect your data. People have been known to scavenge hard drives from tips and retrieve sensitive personal, medical and financial information. Selling dead machines for spares or repair is even riskier, and how […]

A Hammer is Not Enough to Securely Destroy Your iPad & iPhone

iPad, iPhone and tablet devices are now part and parcel for most businesses. The forecast is that there will be over 18 million iPads in the UK by 2019…next year. What happens when the devices are old or do not function anymore? Taking a hammer or just throwing the devices away is wrong on many levels […]

ISBA Conference Brighton 2018

We were at the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association Annual Conference on both Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th May 2018 at The Brighton Centre. The ISBA a professional development programme & a popular annual conference attracting many of the independent education sector’s leading experts offering topical updates for schools plus networking opportunities and an exhibition of more […]

Out of the Box GDPR Aligned Destruction and Recycling Services

The  May deadline to become GDPR compliant is fast-approaching, and Data Eliminate has taken necessary steps to ensure compliance with the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) both as a Data Controller and Data Processor. What is GDPR? If you’re unfamiliar with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it’s a regulation designed to strengthen and unify […]


Like Data Eliminate, your organisation has most probably been inundated with emails urging you to become GDPR compliant before the world falls apart when the Regulation formally comes into force. The GDPR is a substantial and complex document and our own experience is that most company’s promoting products and services on the back of it […]

How To Safely And Responsibly Dispose of IT Equipment / Computer Recycling

With computers becoming an indispensable part of every household, business or institution in this modern era of information technology, taking care of the safe disposal of these used machines has become a major issue over the years. The boom of the internet and the reduced cost of computers and related IT equipment have encouraged both […]