Data Integrity Failure As Local Council Provide Wrong Fuel Info – Costing Owner £1000’s

How could Westminster Council get this so wrong?

An automated parking payment system provided by the council failed the data integrity test by giving inaccurate information with no other options offered to our colleague – the customer!

Saturday morning in Central London, our colleague’s wife parked her husband’s car and used the ‘Pay by Phone’ system provided by Westminster Council and was duly told that it would cost £14 for 2 hours. She was also informed that the vehicle ran on diesel fuel and a further £4 surcharge was levied to the original cost.

After the relaxing shopping trip, our colleague’s wife then re-fuelled at a petrol station with diesel fuel, based on the information provided by Westminster Council, and driving a few miles down, it was obvious that the car actually ran on petrol!!

The cost to fix the engine – £5300 ex VAT….WOW! Add to that the daily cost of a replacement vehicle.

Given that the error & failure in data integrity by the local council directly led to the damage caused to the car, unknown to the unsuspecting wife of the owner’s vehicle.

Do you think Westminster Council is liable?