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Data Eliminate’s key objective is to provide customers with an asset disposal and secure data destruction solution which can be seamlessly incorporated into their GDPR compliance strategy.

Data Eliminate’s operations team are experienced in working in compliance intensive environments all from a security, privacy and environmental perspective. As a company, we have reviewed the GDPR in detail to determine how it affects the way Data Eliminate functions internally and the way in which services are provided to customers.  Our analysis of the requirements the GDPR has led us to review and update our services, procedures and documentation.

Data Eliminate’s Integrated Management System is to our knowledge one of the most comprehensive and detailed in the industry and is frequently used to provide customers with the information and reassurance they are seeking. For example, a written contract for destruction is required by the GDPR. Since its inception, Data Eliminate has always supplied a Contract for the Provision of Secure Disposal Services (which includes a Statement of Works) for every job however small.

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Data Eliminate’s updated organisational posture should enable us to meet the Regulatory responsibilities we hold as a Data Controller or as a Data Processor appointed by our customers as Data Controllers. These responsibilities include but are not limited to undertakings incorporated in our Standard Terms and Conditions:

    • An undertaking to act on the reasonable request of the customer (Data Controller) to support them in fulfilling their GDPR obligations and co-operate with enforcement authorities such as the UK Information Commissioner
    • To only carry out processing which is instructed by the customer – namely data destruction processing
    • To allow the customer to audit Data Eliminate’s facilities
    • To ensure that formal confidentiality agreements are in place with employees and contractors and that appropriate training is given
    • Not to use subcontractors for the provision of services unless with specific authorisation from the customer and then to pass down any obligations inherited from the customer as Data Controller
    • To implement Breach Notification Procedures which include informing the enforcement authorities with 72 hours of a breach occurring
    • Not to do any processing of data outside the European Economic Area

Data Eliminate has analysed the ways in which we may need to support customers in complying with GDPR and we have prepared accordingly – for example responding to Subject Access Requests and Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Most Data Eliminate assignments are backed by professional indemnity cover to £2million.

Please contact us for more information on Tel: 0345-1234400 or use the Enquiry Form.