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Mobile Device Refurbishment

Data Eliminate offers a mobile device refurbishment service to enable our customers to recover monetary value from the reuse or redeployment of handheld devices, tablets and smart phones.  These types of assets are often refreshed on a more regular basis than hard drives and present worthwhile opportunities.

The Refurbishment Service uses the same high levels of security associated with our data destruction service. The service utilizes Data Eliminate’s existing secure management procedures including the chain of custody management from collection to data erasure for physical media destruction.

Please contact us for more information on Tel: 0345-1234400 or use the Enquiry Form.

Benefits of Our Service

Either through the redeployment of existing assets once they have been processed by Data Eliminate or authorizing Data Eliminate to resell the assets on your behalf in which case you will be credited or a share of the profit made.
Data destruction will be carried out the same HMG Government or industry leading standards backed by Data Eliminate’s £2m professional indemnity cover.
Mobile devices for refurbishment can be presented in the same way as other data bearing assets as time of collection by Data Eliminate.
Putting devices out for reuse either within your own organisation is the most environmentally friendly option of all.
Data Eliminate will handle the sorting, classification and inventorisation of all assets with a collection list being presented to the customer.

7 Easy Steps to Refurbish your Devices

    1. Project Assessment
    2. Collection of Devices
    3. Device ‘MOT’s’
    4. Graded Condition Assessment
    5. Give Report and Estimate of Value
    6. Wiping of Devices and Data Destruction
    7. Project Completion

    Step 1: Project Assessment

    If you have accumulated a stockpile of unidentified assets, Data Eliminate will be pleased to sort through and document them. Alternatively, if you have an inventory of assets, Data Eliminate will be happy to review and work with the information that you have. This includes an assessment of which of your organisation’s assets it is worthwhile to refurbish.

    Step 2: Collection of Devices

    Devices will be collected either as part of a routine collection of other assets or a secure collection service free of charge fully tracked with the option of a tamper proof security seal being applied by you at point of collection and checked by us prior to the opening of the asset. They will be transported to a Data Eliminate Secure Facility and we will inform you when they have arrived and are stored in our secure area.

    If you have provided a list of assets in advance receipt will be confirmed against that list. Otherwise, Data Eliminate will compile an asset inventory which will be sent to you for verification before any further processing is carried out.

    Step 3: Device ‘MOT’s’

    Once received at our highly secure building, the devices are fully tested by our qualified technicians to establish the working versus faulty ones. The existing asset inventory is expanded to record features of the device and confirms whether or not they are in working order or Beyond Economic Repair (BER).

    Typically a device will be determined to be in Working Order if it powers on and off correctly; incoming calls can be received and out-going calls made; it is physical intact with an undamaged display, keypad and camera; its charger port is operational and there are no error messages or faults with software/operating systems.

    In cases where the screen is damaged or cracked, there has been water ingress, calls cannot be completed or there are parts which are missing or broken, devices will be normally be categorized as Non-Working or Beyond Economic Repair.

    Step 4: Graded Condition Assessment

    Each device is graded according to the results of the Device MOT. Typically devise are categorised in line with the criteria below:

    GradeStatusPhysical Condition – Unit & BatteryOperational OrderBox & Accessories
    PremiumNew or Nearly New
    CUsedSignificant WearFullNone
    DUsedNot Physically CompleteNot OperationalNone
    EUsedDamaged/BERNot OperationalNone

    Certain rules are applied to this grading system. Among others, these include that devices with moisture sensor activation or without a battery, keypad or other key part will be grade D or below.

    Step 5: Report and Estimate of Value

    After each device is tested and graded, a report is generated and sent to you showing the full details, condition and estimated value of each asset. You are then in a fully informed position to consider how you wish to proceed with the project and which devices you wish to be reused or redeployed and those you would like to be destroyed.

    Step 6: Wiping of Devices and Data Destruction

    Data on all devices selected for refurbishment is removed to CESG standards by Data Eliminate engineers using overwriting software and an erasure report is provided. The software used by Data Eliminate ensures that all data is irrevocably destroyed and cannot be recovered even with sophisticated software.

    Any devices that cannot be successfully wiped using software will be shredded to Corn Flake sized pieces (the battery is removed first).

    The reasons why data cannot be erased using the software may include that they are not functioning, cannot be read by the deletion software cannot detect or that there is a previously undetected fault.

    The successful erasure of the data is confirmed by two separate engineers before the device is released for reuse or redeployment.

    Step 7: Project Completion

    Having been sanitised of sensitive data, devices can then be redeployed within your own organisation or resold for use by a third party.

    Data Eliminate will arrange the return of any devices to your organisation as required. Alternatively, Data Eliminate will sell the refurbished assets on your behalf and issue a credit note or make a payment to you as previously agreed.  You may wish to pass the funds directly to a charity of your choice via Data Eliminate.

    Please contact us for more information on Tel: 0345-1234400 or use the Enquiry Form.