4 Hassle Free Routes of Purchasing of Shredding & Disposal for Public Sector Buyers

If you work in the public sector, it’s easy to make a purchase from Data Eliminate. Our company:

We are already on the Purchase Ledger of many Government Departments including but not limited to the HM Treasury, The Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence – please contact us for our supplier account number.

Please contact us for more information on Tel: 0345-1234400 or use the Enquiry Form.

Government Digital Marketplace: G-Cloud Services (9) – Lot 3: Cloud SupportClick here to view our approved supplier profile 

Public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects. As an approved supplier, you can engage our services through the Digital Marketplace.

Below is a table of our services specifying location, service, quantity and particle size:

Digital Marketplace
LocationService GradeQuantity AssetsParticle Size
Data Destruction for HMG Corporate40015mm
On-SiteData Destruction for HMG Corporate80015mm
On-SiteData Destruction for Military/CPNI2006mm
On-SiteData Destruction for Military/CPNI4006mm
Off-SiteData Destruction for HMG Corporate30015mm
Off-SiteData Destruction for HMG Corporate60015mm
Off-SiteData Destruction for HMG Corporate120015mm
Off-SiteData Destruction for Military/CPNI1506mm
Off-SiteData Destruction for Military/CPNI3006mm
Off-SiteData Destruction for Military/CPNI6006mm

Specialist Courier Services – the RM3799 framework where we are an approved supplier to the Crown Commercial Service. Click here to view our Government framework profile.  We provide Haulage, Storage & Contraband destruction services in line with the following RM3799 framework Lot 4: Explosive Substances (Class 1) and Firearms & Lot 5: The Haulage, Storage and Disposal of Seized Goods.

The Specialist Courier Services framework (RM3799) has been developed in collaboration with YPO to give customers from all areas of the public sector access to a variety of specialised courier services. Suppliers on the Specialist Courier Services framework specialise in the movement and storage of items subject to strict transport regulation.

We are an approved supplier to the Bramble Hub – under the Technology Services (RM1058)/Technology Services 2 (RM3804) framework.

click on the link for more details: https://ccs-agreements.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/suppliers?field_views_search_value=bramble

We can provide references and case studies from existing customers in the NHS, Central Government Agencies, Police Law Enforcement and Aerospace/Military

Please contact us for more information on Tel: 0345-1234400 or use the Enquiry Form.

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Easy Buying for HMG Depts & Agencies Case Study – NHS Surrey Call In Data Eliminate to Stabilize Asset Disposal Operations – Case Study Case Study -Data Eliminate Assist the UK Border Force with the Cloud Migration of Key Systems

Compliant with UK & International Security & Environmental Standards

Our data destruction services are carried out in line with:

    • CESG Information Assurance Standard Number 5 – CESG’s Data Destruction “Recipe Book” for Classified Data (Document is classified – please contact us for information)

All our services are independently audited by UKAS certified inspectors to: –

    • ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System
    • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
    • Cyber Essentials Plus

All HMG/Corporate and Military Grade contracts are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £1m.

For a guide to our three grades of service and how they might apply to your organisation see our Service Grade Table.

For information of environmental standards see information our WEEE recycling services.

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