SEAP Degaussing Data Destruction Standard – Clarification

We have had a number of queries from customers about the SEAP 8500 (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) Degaussing Standard which is referred to in certain documents – official UK Government, NATO and otherwise on-line.

The SEAP Degaussing standard is frequently seen with reference to Weircliffe Degaussers. Weircliffe was a West Country based manufacturer of degaussers which went out of business a few years ago.

The SEAP 8500 degaussing standard is similarly defunct.

Weircliffe degaussers are not sufficiently up to date to reliably erase data on many modern hard drives and magnetic media.

Confusion arises as there is more than one UK or NATO organisation which has jurisdiction over data destruction standards for electronic or magnetic media. References made between, and to, different standards are sometimes out of date. To compound this, there are private sector companies who claim their product complies to a particular standard when (in most cases) it does not.

Finally, the above Degaussing Standard should not be confused with SEAP 8100 – the physical data destruction standard which is referred to in HMG Information Assurance Standard No. 5 – CESG’s Secure Sanitisation Manual.

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