Secure Destruction Element of New Excelguard Service to be Provided by Data Eliminate

Excelguard is a new, innovative offering combining services and leading security suppliers, that provides a holistic approach to data protection. The approach combines data discovery and audit from PixAlert; policy distribution and management software from MetaCompliance; eLearning solutions from VigiTrust; secure data disposal from DataEliminate; and risk assessment and remediation services from Excelgate Consulting.

“Despite the constant stream of data breaches reported in the press day after day, many organisations are overlooking some essential steps they need to take in ensuring that a data protection culture becomes permanent” says Phil Stewart, Director of Excelgate Consulting and Secretary and Director Communications at ISSA UK. “Creating a cultural change regarding data protection in an organization requires them to think holistically and remember that staff awareness of security policies and training need to becomes embedded, and not just a one-off exercise when a new employee joins or changes job role.“

Looking at where undertakings have been published by the Information Commissioner in the UK , committing organisations to improve data protection compliance, there is a common theme running amongst them. Nearly all the undertakings issued to date (88%) require staff awareness of the organisations’ personal data handling policy and staff training where appropriate. Most of the undertakings also specify “other security measures.. for the “accidental loss/ destruction [of personal data]”. The undertakings also highlight there are still too many cases where personal data is being left exposed: unencrypted, found in skips, in waste paper bins or left in cars or trains.

“Excelgate’s exciting new initiative provides customers with a 360 degree solution from setting-up simple and practical measures to deploying high-tech defences,” says Julian Fraser, Director of Data Eliminate, “It’s humans who represent the vulnerability in almost every case. Excelguard addresses that issue head-on.”

Excelguard Features and Benefits

• Comprehensive offering for data protection: from data discovery through to secure data disposal
• Delivers lasting change to corporate culture for data protection.
• Reduces the costs of compliance by ensuring data protection becomes second nature to staff.
• Both personal and inappropriate data (audio/ image) discovery.
• Data discovery highlights training needs across the business.
• Improvement to business processes and technical controls.
• Continual improvement in staff awareness and understanding of security policy through targeted compliance activities.
• Evaluation of staff to ensure they not only read security policies and procedures but that they understand and follow them.
• Evidential weight to validate staff awareness and demonstrate due care.
• eLearning solutions to allow staff training at participant’s pace and paused & resumed as required.
• Training for all company levels from board to end-user: demonstrating both legal obligations and day to day tasks for data handling.
• Secure data disposal means for destruction of personal and confidential data: whether PC, server, memory, disk or mobile device.
• All recycling of electronic waste is compliant with the WEEE Directive with effectively 0% going to landfill.