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Peace of mind: You can be rest assured that all our secure data destruction processes more than exceed Government guidelines and are fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

Convenient: We can perform data destruction and hard drive destruction either onsite at your premises or offsite at Data Eliminate Headquarters.

Environmentally friendly: Our WEEE recycling and disposal services are fully WEEE compliant. Data Eliminate guarantee 0% landfill.

Compliant with legislation: All Data Eliminate data destruction services and processes are compliant with all necessary legislation, including The Data Protection Act of 1998 and The WEEE Directive.

Cost-effective: Our charges for secure data destruction are competitive and we specify no minimum quantity requirements.

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Tapes, Hard Drives, CD’s, Videos, Mobile Phones, HDDs & Thumb Drives may hold critical information that will still be accessible beyond end of life disposal.

Data Eliminate provides destruction and shredding services for end of life computer media deploying mobile shredders, CESG certified data wiping software and CESG certified degaussing equipment. This provides our customers with the ultimate reassurance when confidential devices require secure recycling.

Onsite and Offsite Sanitisation of Data – shredding and destruction of computer media and disks using purpose built data sanitisation vehicles. Video tapes Hard Drives, DVDs, Tapes, Compact Disks, HDDs and Mobile Phones can be decommissioned securely and, if practical, recycled too.

Secure – This is an HMG service which is provided on-site at your premises. Our fully vetted staff are all ex-military that will attend your premises and shred/destroy the drives in the safety of your own premises. The data never leaves your site.

Our Data Security solutions are cost effective and customized to your individual needs. Our work is guaranteed, where appropriate; issue a compliance certificate for each job. We are proud of the contribution we have been able to make towards UK National Security, UK Central and local Government, including Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, and Medical and Educational establishments.

The Certificate of Destruction is the record of destruction that substantiates what was shredded, on which data/time and by whom. This level of detail is often required by auditors. Data Eliminate can provide an asset list which includes key information about each individual asset. Complete asset tracking means tracking every individual hard drive from each machine when full WEEE disposal is required.

Data Eliminate is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and Aerospace, Defence and Security (ADS) which is the trade body for the UK police, defence and security services. Our management systems are ISO 90001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited ensuring industry leading Quality Control and Security.

For every individual or Business owners it is important to make data destruction a continuous priority. Most electronic equipment used in Households or businesses today contains confidential data; whether it be servers, hard drives, media tapes, tablets, mobile phones, sim cards, memory cards or simply any IT equipment, it needs to be destroyed or wiped at the end of its life. In order to guard the data contained within the device or media, the item must be securely erased or alternatively shredded to destroy it entirely.

Media has become increasingly common in many types of IT devices. It is no longer restricted to only PCs, laptops and servers, media can now be found in mobile phones, tablets, printers and copiers. And at the same time capacities have risen to such a scope that thousands if not millions of images, documents and videos can now be stored on devices small enough to fit in your pocket and be retrieved. Data Eliminate provides a robust and extra ordinary onsite shredding service which can effectively address this multitude of media.

CESG Approved HDD Wiping – as part of our destruction and shredding services we offer wiping of your company’s hard drives by our experienced engineers using Ontrack® Eraser or Tabernus software. Tabernus Ontrack® removes all details stored on the media item ensuring that recovery of information is impossible.

Tabernus and Kroll are among the best hard disk erasure products available. They make data erasure flexible, quick, secure and economical. Ontrack® Eraser is compatible with Windows® and Linux® operating systems and can be used on networks or on individual computers.

A report of the erasure process is provided with information of equipment and hard disks wiped.

Ontrack® Eraser and Tabernus software is certified to the CESG Infosec 5 Lower & Higher Certified.

CESG Approved Degaussing – Destruction by degaussing is a form of physical destruction different from shredding. Degaussing destroys the magnetic storage mechanism on your hard drives without physical damage to the HDD’s casing.  Degaussers are used by our vetted engineers and all degaussing equipment is CESG approved.

Typically generating a magnetic pulse of 18,500 gauss, the degaussers wipes media of data very quickly indeed.  The electromagnetic field destroys the differing Oersted levels of various magnetic storage devices and their maker’s optimum gauss levels ensuring total media device data destruction.

The Verity XV91M Degausser is a CESG approved as a CCTM Certified product

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