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WEEE Recycling, Refurbishment & IT Disposal Service

Data Eliminate:

Effective 0% Landfill Policy

We work very hard to recycle, refurbish or reuse customers’ electrical and computer waste(WEEE) in the most environmentally efficient way. Effectively 0% of WEEE Waste handled by Data Eliminate goes to landfill.

Data Eliminate’s services are carried out in line with the WEEE Directive (European legislation covering the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

The five stages of the Waste Management Hierarchy are applied to all WEEE which we process. These are the steps that all businesses in England and Wales obliged to follow before disposing of any waste in order to reduce harmful impact on the environment. The five stages are:

Stages Include
Prevention: Using less material in design and manufacture. Keeping products for longer; re-use. Using less hazardous materials
Preparing for re-use: Checking, cleaning, repairing, refurbishing, whole items or spare parts
Recycling: Turning waste into a new substance or product. Includes composting if it meets quality protocols
Other recovery: Includes anaerobic digestion, incineration with energy recovery, gasification and pyrolysis which produce energy (fuels, heat and power) and materials from waste; some backfilling
Disposal: Landfill and incineration without energy recovery

We work with a small number of specially selected Authorised Treatment Facilities for WEEE. This means that your WEEE waste goes direct from us to the actual facility where it will be reduced, recycled and processed. There is notdanger of its passing through irreputable hands and ending up dumped in Africa or elsewhere.

We are continually researching ways to extract more environmental value out of WEEE .

Waste Transfer Notes/ Certificates of Recycling or Consgnment Notes for Hazardous Waste are provided as necessary. The data destruction and recycling of each item we handle can be serial number tracked on Certificates of Destruction, Waste Transfer Notes and Consignment Notes if required.

Sharing Revenue on IT Equipment which is Viable for Reuse or Resale with Annual Contract Customers.

Through our Annual Service Contracts we provide customers with a percentage share on any profit which arises from the resale or refurbishment of their discarded IT equipment.

Computer IT Disposals

Items, or groups of identical item, which have a confirmed resale value over a minimum value specified in the customer’s contract are cleaned, refurbished, electrically tested and offered for resale as used items.

Data Eliminate markets the items for up to six months after they have been refurbished in achieve a sale. The profit arising from a successful sale is credited to the customer’s account at the end of that period.

Independently Audited Environmental Management

Data Eliminate’s is committed to achieving the most environmentally efficient outcomes for ourselves, customers, the local community and the planet. We:

    • Operate an independently audited ISO 14001 Environmental Management system which embodies a commitment to continually improve our environmental performance
    • Are registered with the Environment Agency
    • Are verified as providing an environmentally friendly service as part of our CCT Mark service by CESG, the UK Government’s Information Assurance authority.

Recycling, Compliance & Sustainability

For information on Data Eliminate approach to Recycling, Compliance & Sustainability see the links below:

Recycling WEEE Recycling,Refurbishment & Disposal
Compliance Data Protection & Recycling Laws & Our Accreditations
Sustainability Sustainability Engagement Initative

Sustainability Engagement Initiative

As an organisation, Data Eliminate is at the centre of a unique nexus of social, economic and environmental relationships which together determine our Sustainability Approach.

On one hand one of our mains sites is located in a run-down part of one of London’s must deprived boroughs with an immediate vicinity densely populated and dominated by ethnic based community and business clusters.

On another we interact HM Government Ministries, Police & Security Services.

Our London Zone 1 operating location means we are ideally placed to forge links with universities and students who are accommodated nearby.

Finally, we are committed to managing our significant environmental impacts and achieving our goal of zero waste to landfill.

Data Eliminate’s Operation Context

Data Eliminate operates a Sustainability Engagement Programme under our Environmental Management System which is  ISO 14001 compliant and externally audited by UKAS accredited auditors.

The objectives of our Sustainability Engagement Programme to:

        • Assist those who may be socially or economically disadvantaged
        • Enrich our relationships by developing co-operation and understanding with the constituencies and communities with which we interact
        • Work towards zero waste to landfill through the Waste Hierarchy and continual improvement to our waste/WEEE management, both internally and by supporting third parties with similar goals.

Below are some of the projects with which we have been engaged under our Sustainability Engagement Programme since 2012.

Data Eliminate Opened the First Walk-In Data Destruction ‘Clinic’ in the UK in Central London

The centre was recognized in the Green IT Awards in 2012 and is listed in the Catalogue of Security Equipment.

The environmental, economic and social sustainability of the project was summarised as below:

The location of the destruction centre minimizes the potential carbon footprint of customers visiting the facility and keeps delivery and collection vans off the streets reducing dangerous emissions.  The facility’s location was specifically selected for its central location and its excellent public transport links. It is within 200 yards of a tube station, mainline station, one of London biggest bus hubs, a cycle superhighway and Barclays Bicycle Hire Stations.

Data Eliminate has advanced management systems incorporating ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 2700 1 (Information Security) which instil a ground-up focus on environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction and data security.  This provides a platform for continual improvements in environmental performance driven by employee, customer and community feedback.

Through its Integrated Management System, the Company has identified its significant environmental impacts as the treatment of data cleansed media and other WEEE residue. Specially designed training programmes, policies and procedures are in place including a relationship with an Authorised Treatment Facility aimed at achieving effectively 0% landfill outcomes for the company’s WEEE waste.

The facility is inconspicuously located within and next to Railway Arches reducing the environmental impact on the local area.

Assistance to Local Latino Community in London Borough of Southwark

Data Eliminate’s premises are located in the heart of a Latino social and economic hub is one of London’s most deprived boroughs.  Our neighbouring businesses are nearly all owned by individuals of South American heritage who serve their local community by providing services such as food, hairdressing, tailoring an and computer repairs.  Overwhelmingly, our neighbours are Spanish speaking and find it hard to engage with the local authority and other bodies due to cultural differences and language barriers.

Southwark Council recently proposed the construction of a large building which would have adversely affected the amenity of the Latino community in the immediate vicinity of Data Eliminate’s premises and damaged the businesses therein.

Data Eliminate arranged meetings with local councillors and town planners at its premises to enable its Latino neighbours to raise objections directly with representatives of the Council.  Our translator drafted and wrote objection letters on behalf of local business owners.

The work was successful in securing the withdrawal of the damaging planning application.  Data Eliminate remains in communication with its Latino neighbours in anticipation of the Council’s future development plans.

Partnership with the British Military’s Ex-Services Careers Organisations

Data Eliminate works both directly and indirectly with ex-services organisations to assist current and future army leavers to identify careers which may be suitable for them when they leave the forces and to find jobs.

Our contribution is illustrated by our attendance at a Career Planning Event in Aldershot in 2014 where selected employers explain the various career paths they are able to offer service leavers.   The niche nature of the service Data Eliminate offers distinguishes us from many corporate employers and generates a lot of interest and requests for further information following the event.

With regards to direct engagement with the armed services, Data Eliminate’s regularly employs service leavers who are being given adapted training and coaching to aid their transition into civilian working life.